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Are you searching for Subcontractors Construction ?
From shell building to finish we seek for European companies which are active in the same segment as you:

  1. Demolition works
  2. Shuttering works
  3. Roof works
  4. Masonry work
  5. Plaster works
  6. Sanitary and heating
  7. Carpentry works
  8. Road building

Are you rather looking for a Subcontractors Industry… here also we bring you in contact with the right company:

  1. Installation of new production lines.
  2. Relocation and reconstruction of production lines.
  3. Assembly of all kinds of constructions
  4. Electricity works
  5. Welding tasks…

Are you rather looking for Polish interims (*) than you can count on our specialists:

  1. Production workers
  2. Welders (TIG, MIG/MAG)
  3. CNC turners / planers
  4. General construction workers
  5. Electricians, plumbers
  6. Ground workers,
  7. Prefab employees
  8. Shutterers /bricklayers

(*) Through a Polish interim office that has all the licences for Flanders: 2312/U